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Edward D. Burress

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Alabama


Research interests: functional morphology, macroevolution, feeding ecology, key innovations, functional trade-offs

I am currently recruiting two students (M.S. or Ph.D.) and a postdoc for Fall 2023. Anyone interested in functional morphology or macroevolution should contact me directly at the email below. Areas of research interest include functional innovations, mechanical trade-offs, functional and evolutionary decoupling, and adaptive radiation. Within the broad wheelhouse of macroevolution, I also study ecology, biogeography, life history, and of course, phylogenetics. I mostly study Neotropical fishes, but other groups of emphasis include freshwater fishes in the southeastern United States and Appalachian salamanders. I also have active projects involving marine fishes and lizards.

Contact: edburress'at'ua'dot'edu


Illustrations and design by Julie Johnson

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