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Edward D. Burress

Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Alabama


Research interests: functional morphology, macroevolution, feeding ecology, key innovations, functional trade-offs

I am currently recruiting a graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D.) Fall 2024. Anyone interested in functional morphology or macroevolution should contact me directly at the email below. Areas of research interest include functional innovations, mechanical trade-offs, functional and evolutionary decoupling, and adaptive radiation. Within the broad wheelhouse of macroevolution, I also study ecology, biogeography, life history, and of course, phylogenetics. I mostly study Neotropical fishes, but other groups of emphasis include freshwater fishes in the southeastern United States and Appalachian salamanders. I also have active projects involving marine fishes and lizards.

Contact: edburress'at'ua'dot'edu


Illustrations and design by Julie Johnson

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