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Courses taught

Vertebrate Functional Morphology (BSC 400/500)

Course description:

The course focuses on the comparative anatomy of vertebrates with a broad evolutionary perspective on its functional and ecological implications. The laboratory involves dissection and other hands-on activities focused on the identification of anatomical features in major groups of vertebrates. Recommended for pre-health professional students.


Offered every Spring semester. Laboratory.

Biology of Fishes (BSC 428/528)

Course description:


Survey of the diversity, anatomy, and ecology of fishes. Some emphasis is given to species native to Alabama and its coastal waters (i.e., freshwater and marine), but the course is comprehensive in terms of fish phylogeny and biology. The Laboratory is demanding and focused on species identification and the use of dichotomous keys as well as hands-on exploration of anatomy (e.g., dissection).

Offered every other every semester (rotates with Dr. Harris). Laboratory and Writing course.

Image: Cleared and stained Gulf Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi)


Members of the Burress Lab receive mentorship in research and professional development tailored to the individual and their career goals.


Photo: Rock star undergraduate Macy Schelp and PI Edward Burress working with cleared and stained fish specimens as part of Macy's project on the implications of the velocity-force trade-off.

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